Official Walgreens Survey

Participating in the incredible WalgreensListens Survey offer is extremely easy and takes no more than 5 minutes. After completing the online Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey at or, you can enter the next $ 3,000 monthly drawing.

The primary objective of the Walgreens Survey begins the introduction of the survey is to know the different types of customer opinions.

You can easily participate in the survey by following the steps that are explained below:

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WalgreensListens Survey Participation Steps

Online Mode:

  • The Walgreens Survey is available in the online mode also.
  • Firstly, make a purchase from any of the Walgreens stores nearby you.
  • Make sure that the survey code is printed on your purchase receipt and keep the same handy.
  • To begin the survey, visit the official website of the WalgreensListens Survey at the official website address
  • Now, you will be asked to submit the date and time of the visit, the Walgreens Listens Survey code along with the store number of the Walgreens you visited, which you will find on your purchase receipt. Users are given a chance to do similar survey from Burger King at
  • Then click the Start button to initiate the survey.
  • A list of survey questions will be displayed on your screen. You need to answer each and every survey question honestly.
  • Finally, you will be automatically included in the WalgreensListens Sweepstakes to claim and win the $ 3,000 jackpot.
  • Thus, it can be safely assumed that participating in the WalgreensListens Survey is extremely simple for each and every customer.

Telephonic Mode:

Participating in the Walgreens Survey survey over the phone is an easy process. Follow the steps below:

  • You must dial the number 18002197451 first.
  • Now, you will be asked about your last visit to the Walgreens. Answer every survey question honestly.
  • After that, you will be automatically included in the survey without buying anything.
  • Follow the instructions above and get a chance to win a lucrative cash prize of $ 3000.

Mail Method:

  • First note down your details like name, address, and phone number manually on a 3 * 5 sheet of paper.
  • Then send this registration form to the following address: April 2019 Customer Satisfaction Giveaway, Department S7592 PO Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.

The WalgreensListens Survey is a way to collect customer feedback so they can develop their service and environment for future experiences. Many giant companies currently use this method. According to them, this method is much more effective as compared to others. This survey offers the customers to get some free medicines on their next visit to the Walgreens.