Common Queries

As the company continues to grow, Walgreens offers its customers the opportunity to complete an online survey at to receive a drawing for a maximum prize of $ 3,000 in the form of a cash or cheque. The Walgreens Survey has made sure that the Walgreens is able to analyze the thought process of the customers and work according to the same.

Common Queries Regarding WalgreensListens 

What exactly the WalgreensListens Survey is?

This is a customer satisfaction survey introduced by the Walgreens to make sure that they are able to analyze the thought process of the customers.

Where can I conduct the WalgreensListens Survey?

You can complete your purchase search by email, phone, or online at

It is necessary to have a purchase receipt to participate in this survey?

Yes. A Walgreens purchase receipt is a must to conduct this customer satisfaction survey.

What prizes can I win by participating in the Walgreens survey?

If you take the survey, you will get an opportunity to claim and win the lucrative cash prize of $ 3,000.

Does the WalgreensListens survey have any restrictions?

Yes, your purchase receipt is valid for inquiries only 72 hours after purchase. No purchase is required to complete the survey. For more details, visit the official rules page. Also, the participant in this survey must also be 18 years of age or older to complete the same. For more information and restrictions, see the official rules page.

The Walgreens Company was established in 1901 as a small local pharmacy. Today, it is one of the biggest pharmacies in the world.

They have introduced the WalgreensListens Survey to make sure that the customers are able to place their honest feedback on the official survey portal and also make sure that their customer satisfaction level is enhanced on their future visits to the Walgreens.